At HMT & Associates, Inc. we believe that the quality, talent and responsiveness provided to our clients are of the utmost importance. To maintain this philosophy, a project team is assembled to match client needs with team expertise. In doing this, we provide our clients with the highest quality, most comprehensive and personalized service at the least expense.

By employing a diverse range of engineering expertise, we are able to provide our clients with a complete spectrum of Civil Engineering services. We can accomplish specific projects in the areas of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Design and Construction, Public Works, Municipal Engineering and Surveying as described in the following engineering capacity narrative:

HMT & Associates, Inc. can provide a broad range of civil engineering to both the public and private sectors including:

  • Complete Land Development and Site Design Services
  • Project Administration
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Engineering
  • Federal, State and County Environmental Compliance Design and Permitting
  • State U.C.C. Building Code Compliance and Inspection
  • Storm Water Management System Engineering
  • Public Works Engineering (Roads, Bridges, Storm and Sanitary, Etc.)
  • Municipal Engineering (Township, Borough and City)
  • Building Design and Engineering

We provide these services to industrial, commercial, land development, and county/municipal clients. Our experience allows us to understand the complete range of issues associated with either a greenfield or existing site/facility development project

We have integrated our G.P.S. total station digital survey system and computer aided drafting (CAD) capabilities so that our engineers and designers can rapidly and effectively accomplish the design goals of the project. In addition, we also integrate our environmental capabilities services so that all permit issues are identified and scheduled.

Civil Engineering experience includes:

Development of residential communities including site, utility, storm water, soil and erosion, and roadway design in Washington and Allegheny counties.
Provided municipal design engineering and consulting services to Townships, Boroughs and Cities.
Consulted with major commercial, industrial and residential developers in the design and constructin of new and existing sites.
Developed working models to be used in areas of privatization, co-op councils, and regional operations for governmental units.



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